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42 definitions by G-unit

The king of the whole fucking universe
Yo, i wish i was Tinh
by G-unit December 24, 2004
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Dman when i was a tthe bar i met Shabong
by G-unit April 27, 2003
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1)When one has nothing to say except complain about something - the spleen.
2)When something hurts.
3)A word that can be used when referring to almost anythung. Like that of meh.
1)*groan* spleen!
2)My spleen hurts, well something hurts, must be my spleen.
3)person1: whats her name again?
person2: ah, spleen!
by G-unit March 16, 2005
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Calm your freaky ass down.
Bro, slow your roll before you get ur ass shot from a rent-a-cop for being so damn stupid.
by G-unit May 4, 2003
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the small things that are enjoyable in the world. Like hot girls...wait thats a big thing. The small things are like when you take a dump and your shit comes out clean
damn man my small thing had so much room in her pussy.
by G-unit January 29, 2004
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