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The somewhat public excretion of a load of jizz from the anus in a bar or club's bathroom. This happens after leaving the house to party, too soon after successful anal sex. This term exclusively defines the load in a public toilet and does not apply to aftersex cleanup that happens in the home.
I just got fucked so good I had a mistercarriage on the dance floor!
by Freon January 12, 2015

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A surgical procedure that removes from you whatever makes people go wtf.
Cajun: insert rediculously stupid something
Person: WTF
Person2: WTF
Person3: wtf
Person4: cajun needs a what-the-fuctomy
by freon January 26, 2004

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a sound that sounds like a rather large spaceship landing
Suddenly, there was a sound that sounded like a rather large spaceship landing outside of the chat room.

“What was that?” Bolt asked.
“Obviously a Frentizzle.” Freon replied.
“A Frat-twizwhat?” Bolt blinked.
by freon October 19, 2003

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some crazyass zeo holiday every august where all the little zeophyes created photoshop'D up angsterpieces and anguris neo takes em and puts them on his site for all to see when the hayday is long over. see anguritis neosis
omg angfest r0x0red!111!!!1
by freon October 17, 2003

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blowjob, oral sex on a guy, sucking dick
She had a footlong and a bag of nuts at the cubs game.
by freon October 17, 2003

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