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dead fuckin last. as in a sporting event or race. or anything else you can get last in.
Frank just got a DFL at the race.
by francisco December 08, 2003
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KesekiMoFo n. Originally the name of a guy who participated in the game Infantry. In the game, people used its abbreviated word of KeseMoFo, taken as you bitch. Also seen in communities such as Cosmic Rift
I akwoned that kesemofo.
by francisco March 11, 2005
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from INTER (internet) + NAUT (from greek:sailor); someone who spends time exploring the 4 corners of the internet; also: Webnaut
"he's such and internaut,man; spends so much time surfing the web he's got no time to party!!!
by francisco January 13, 2004
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Slang originating in the 1970's for a member of the Unification church aka WorldCARP, created by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. He claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and equal to God. Moonies often target young, clean, ambitious people for their cult. They often use shady practices but claim innocent motives (world peace, anti-communism, etc).

Fast Facts:

They control over financial 1000 organizations around the world including the Washington Times.

Sun Myung Moon is highly superstitious, and uses psychics and occultic rituals for guidance.

Marriages are often arranged, and are sometimes used for people to gain citizenships in other countries. Newlywed couples are even told what positions to use for sex.

Moon wants to establish a New World Order and believes Koreans are the divine race.

"The whole world is in my hand, I will conquer and subjugate the world."
(Sun Myung Moon, Master Speaks, May 17, 1973)
These moonies keep asking me if I want to take a "survey", why don't they just leave me alone already!?
by francisco March 09, 2005
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from spanish: "Besos/besitos En El Cutis
(kisses on the cheek)
More commonly used in the written form as a closing instead of 'yours truly' etc...
by francisco January 12, 2004
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a slimmy rod or your junk after a particularly wet blow or a post-jizz penis
I put my smigrod in that bitch's face
by francisco September 01, 2004
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