DFL is the common terms used by people in Deal, Kent for those who have moved to the area from London. DFL stands for Down From London. DFLs generally buy property in Deal and only come down at the weekends. When they are in Deal, Kent they invariably complain to the local council and police on noise pollution from local pubs and sports clubs. The police and council then stop the local pubs or sports clubs from running any events at the weekend. Which has a negative impact on the local economy where these events help the local businesses succeed.
On the phone" Hi Darling, I'm just sat on the train. It's packed with lots of DFLs with their Waitrose bags and beards"
by LocalBoyInThePhotograph January 7, 2019
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Have you met Rob? He’s a real DFL.
by Rose A. Melano January 10, 2022
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DUMB FUCKING LIBERAL, the official name of the Minnesota Democratic party
Hubert H. "Humpty Dumpty" Humphrey founded the DFL.
by andy1 March 5, 2005
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Jim- "I slipped on a banana peel!"
Kim- "Hahahahhaha"
Joe- "DFL!"
by Aubreyah Mischella August 20, 2011
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Down For Life, i.e., someone who's got your back, always with it, and commands respect.
by whiskeytits February 12, 2008
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dead fucking last.
basically you suck ay whatever youre doing.
AKA nicole lightfoot
you dont want to be DFL.....NICOLE!
by mynameisssss April 7, 2008
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DFL = Dating for Love

When the goal in dating is love then you are DFL, dating for love.

Underlying DFL is the intention and desire of a love relationship.

The opposite would be DFS, dating for sport (or some say dating for sex)
John to his buddy on a Saturday night: "I'm done with sleeping around, I want to DFL and find a real girlfriend or maybe even my wife."

"I've never really been into dating for sport, I prefer a serious relationship so I'm all about DFL. It's much more fulfilling."

Plato says, "The beginning is the most important part of the work," and DFL is the most important decision in beginning to date.
by Love Linguist April 1, 2010
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