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A dangerous and highly articulate disease that affects the central nervous system for about half an hour each day. It enters the body through the ears and eyes and attaches itself to the boringopiate receptors in the brain causing symptoms similar to a large injection of heroin in some people. However the disease affects people differently. It can cause anxiety, a distortion of reality, sweating, homosexuality, skin irritation, and mild death in others. Recommended treatment consists of several large doobies, and a box set of Family guy.
Fox JK is scared of catching Eastenders.
by fox JK August 24, 2006

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1. Hanging out playing music
2. Generally having a bit of a laugh
3. A weed smoking game where you listen to Marley's song Jammin and have a toke every time he says Jammin. You gonna need a bigger spliff white boy, he says it a helluva lot!

1. We were jammin since Steve took his guitar and Agyness brought the washboard.
2. We were jammin, 'twas fun!
3. We were playing Jammin and my seester puked all over herself, and when Dereck tried to move her she puked on him then at hospital she came too and freaked out so much they put her back to sleep. She can't take deh weeeeeeed.
by Fox JK January 20, 2009

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Sonic the hedgehogs sidekick

A little brown 2 tailed fox

A very clever little chap who's good with mechanical things

Probably a stoner now due to being easily influenced

Can use his 2 tails to fly
TAILS: Hey! I heard smoking was bad for you

GROUNDER: No it's not! Try it

TAILS: Cough! Wow, you're right! This green tobacco is the shit!
by Fox JK August 14, 2006

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An awesome vehicle. A behemoth in spirit but not necessarily in size.
The greatest car/plane/boat/thing you have ever driven.
The B52 was a real tits machine!

Nissan skyline, now that's a tits machine!

My cousins boat is a tits machine!

The neighbours kid has this fisher price push-kart that is a real tits machine!
by Fox JK August 15, 2006

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1. A kart that you push

2. Somebody else's car that you overheard about in a conversation

3. Your own car as insulted by your neighbour

4. You, you fucking push-kart

1. "Hey that kid has a small kart and he is pushing it, but what, oh what do you call that kart?"

"It is called a push-kart my dear sir."

"Thank you Mabel, for now I am more educated than ever."

"Shut up."

2. "Hey that guy's ..... his car......yeah a push-kart........it is.. yeah..."

3. "Your car is a push-kart you fucking divv!!!"

"What the fuck do you mean you little shit?"

"Go on urbandictionary you twat and figure out for your-fucking-self!"

4. "That's right, you heard me you push-kart"
by fox JK August 22, 2006

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One of the greatest drinks ever invented. As rumor has it, Van Gough was drinking a lot of absinthe right before he cut off his own ear. As well as that, 9 shots can be fatal apparently!! Love the mystery that is.....
(Absinthe is a tits machine of a drink!)
Just go to the supermarket and buy some. But real absinthe is always better.
by Fox JK October 15, 2006

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A ditch. A really nasty thing to fall in when walking home plaestered from the pub.

"I was walking home and I fell in the jeeeg, I was so plaestered!"
by Fox JK August 15, 2006

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