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Marley is an absolutely amazing person. Marley is very pretty, even though she doesn't think so. She is very athletic, outgoing, compassionate, trustworthy, and all in all, just perfect. Marley is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Marley is always there to listen to anything you have to say, and she will do anything for you. She is very calm and nice to everyone, but if someone does something to hurt one of her friends or family members, she will most certainly give the person a piece of her mind.
I wish everyone was like Marley.
Marley is the best friend anyone could ever ask for.
by adfgycefv September 29, 2018
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A wonderful girl, with a great heart. She’s bubbly, smart, kind, and pretty. She’s the girl all the boys are after, and all the girls are jealous of. Her smile will brighten your day, and the good times seem to follow her.
I wish I was dating Marley. She’s so nice AND pretty!”
by .....6969696969696969.... March 10, 2018
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A curly headed goofball. The best girlfriend you will ever have but stubborn asf. Lots of people like her and lots don’t but she’s herself either way
Bro Marley is so lit.
by curlyheadvina November 25, 2017
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Marley is a very beautiful girl and has a very adventurous personality and is always there to listen to you and she love any one inside out but she may also be means little
That's Marley
by Issa_that girl August 18, 2017
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Marlei is the most beautiful and amazing little girl in the whole world. She is caring and giving and never selfish.
You are my marlei
by otterann February 4, 2010
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the most absolutely gorgeous girl you will ever meet. down to earth, a lot of fun, beautiful inside and out, and DEFINITELY not frigid. hahahaha
by 1113948Brett October 28, 2008
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A shy, kind girl who is extremely lovable and liked by everyone she meets. She is beautiful, both her personality and looks.
Wow, she is really a Marley!
by Anynomous.13 April 4, 2015
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