I listened to the Decline for the 78,000th time last night!
by killposersericmelvin February 28, 2004
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A British dude, that Maddie is really into. Like really creepy, she is so weird. Declin if you read this, run and hide. She has her ways. PS, Erin told her bout you. Blame her. No seriously though, she's insane, fucking hide. She's starin at a photo of you know, she's the one who liked all your photos. She's threatening to throw me in front of a car. Help me, I don't feel safe. Nvm you dealt with it. You told her you have a bird and to stop commenting. PS, you are a dick.
"Declin, run. You have an American coming after you."
by Primm October 01, 2018
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The theory that states all phillipino girls become uglier after the age on 21.
Dave: Dat dere phillipino girl hit the decline hard
by jdrizzzzy September 28, 2010
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Flash cartoon series featured on Newgrounds.com and FlashPlayer.com

Starting life as a Devil May Cry parody, "Decline of Video Gaming" expanded into a largely popular series about all sorts of video games and developers.
user321: Dude do you know when the new Decline is gonna be out?

user876: Dunno, but if it were possible to camp outside Newgrounds overnight, I would.
by FlashBrosDim April 27, 2005
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A recliner that is broken and permanently reclined.
Our decliner is really comfortable, but so hard to get out of.
Hey, its my turn to lie in the decliner!
by Sioux Mom June 11, 2012
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An exclamation used to express disapproval, disgust, and/or a refusal to a request. Commonly has emphasis on the first syllable.
Me: I failed that chemistry exam from last week.
Friend: Decline! Can you make it up?
Me: No...
Friend: Double decline!

(emphasis on the first syllable in the following example)
Me: This fnasty guy hit on me on the train today.
Friend: DEEEcline!
by Susie P May 25, 2009
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I pity the fool who has to play a song for 18 minutes... but NOFX is awesome
by Batman February 15, 2004
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