Nod your head to a beat. Blast some music and have fun.
You guys went jammin' in your moms van?!

We were all jammin' to this song man.
by dajamsta February 07, 2005
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Means to chill out and relax...relates to the word "cotch"
person 1: wha u on blud?

person 2: Nuthin cuz jus jammin u get me
by Shawtzie October 14, 2005
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The common misconception is "to jam" or just keep on playing on an instrument, usually a guitar. Bob Marley sings the song "Jammin'". That jammin' is to smoke up, puff the magic dragon, or the ever so popular, doing it with mary jane.
look!! its 4:20... we need to go jammin'!!
by wish-i-was-there March 09, 2004
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1. Hanging out playing music
2. Generally having a bit of a laugh
3. A weed smoking game where you listen to Marley's song Jammin and have a toke every time he says Jammin. You gonna need a bigger spliff white boy, he says it a helluva lot!

1. We were jammin since Steve took his guitar and Agyness brought the washboard.
2. We were jammin, 'twas fun!
3. We were playing Jammin and my seester puked all over herself, and when Dereck tried to move her she puked on him then at hospital she came too and freaked out so much they put her back to sleep. She can't take deh weeeeeeed.
by Fox JK January 20, 2009
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to play music on an instrument, by yourself or with others
i am jammin' after class.
by Paul002444 October 11, 2006
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