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Wanting something so much that you send hate mail just because it differs of what you expected for it to be.
When Mojang released Buzzy Bees update, fans had a severe case of Cave Update Syndrome.
by fneidneinwdioedowsj July 22, 2021
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The belief that only deities should rule governments.
Deiticracy might be an off-the-compass version of theocracy.
by fneidneinwdioedowsj July 13, 2021
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The creation of genders for the sake of having more genders or emphasizing a part of the person's personality.
People who are dreamgender or chocogender can be classified as gendergender.
by fneidneinwdioedowsj September 7, 2021
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Noun. A word created by accident, usually as a result of misprinting, misspelling, or bad translation.
The words tweed and syllabus are examples of ghost words.
by fneidneinwdioedowsj July 13, 2021
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The belief that people should live their life in a lucid dream for their lives, only getting up to sustain needs such as eating.
I wonder where Lucidism lays on the political compass
by fneidneinwdioedowsj July 14, 2021
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(Noun, pronounced Muhg-go-poli)- When Urbandictionary wants me to buy a mug with NSWF terms for my great grandma.
by fneidneinwdioedowsj July 20, 2021
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Adding "sexual" to the end of words to make more sexualities.
Why would you be BTSsexual? That's literally being sexualsexual, it's disrepectful.
by fneidneinwdioedowsj September 7, 2021
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