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A lucid dream is an extremely vivid dream. in a lucid dream you are aware that you are dreaming. you can train yourself to do reality checks throughout the day so it gets cemented into your subconscious. this way you will do reality checks in your dream to see if you are actually dreaming. this is a way to become lucid. common reality checks include holding your nose shut and looking at a digital clock. this is because in your dreams you can still breath if you hold your nose shut, and numbers are disordered commonly. once you are lucid you have the power to do whatever you want. fly, make things appear, make things disappear, or change locations...the list is endless.
Guy: heyyyy girl i had a fun type in your bed last night
Guy: What! you liked it in my lucid dream!
by D towns best April 05, 2008
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A lucid dream is one in which the dreamer has total, or partial, control of oneself and one's surroundings, by making the realization that he or she is actually asleep. It is this realization that allows the dreamer to experience what is known as a lucid dream on one of these possible levels:

1. The realization has been made, but there is no control of oneself or of one's surroundings
2. Semi-control of oneself, with no control over one's surroundings
3. Full control over oneself, still with no control of one's surroundings
4. Semi-control over both oneself and one's surroundings
5. Full control over both oneself and one's surroundings

There are many techniques for lucid dreaming that have been developed and improved upon over the centuries. These include: habitual reality checking, recording dreams (dream journal), meditation, verbal reinforcement, etc.

The best method (the only one from the 21st century), requires nothing but an Android device, and can be used to experience a lucid dream tonight; whereas the previous methods could take months, even years, before results are seen. To try the Android method, search for "Lucid Dreamer" by Guardanis on Google Play.
Last night, I experienced a lucid dream in which I had superpowers, flew across the galaxy, and dated Mila Kunis at the same time.
by Guardanis July 12, 2013
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A dream where, inside the dream, you know you are dreaming. Imagine being Neo in the matrix. Knowing its fake and having control. These dreams are also more intense and vivid than regular dreams.
I had a lucid dream where I flew around.
by KJ October 27, 2003
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A lucid dream is where you are dreaming, but you're aware at the fact that you're dreaming. Once you conclude the fact that you are aware of your dream, you can control anything in it. You can fly, walk on walls, make people appear, bend reality, change the environment, teleport. The possibilities are endless.
Dude 1: Bro, I had this awesome lucid dream last night!

Dude 2: Really? What was it about?

Dude 1: I had a dream where I made my girlfriend appear on my bed and we did it!

Dude 2: Oh my God, no way! I wanna lucid dream tonight!
by Iamthatkid July 12, 2013
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Knowing in your dream, that you're dreaming.
It's NOT a lucid dream when you woke up, and noticing you was dreaming.
Person 1: I had a lucid dream this week.
Person 2: wow, how cool!
by xxYvette July 20, 2006
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A song written by juice wrld that makes people think of there ex and how much of a piece of shit they are
Lisa: Juice wrld’s song lucid dreams makes me think of my ex”
Hannah: lol fuck your ex
by Trueeee shitttt January 04, 2019
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