66 definition by erik

verb; to eat hastily, with zeal
I'm going to gruffle some mad Domino's.
by erik November 23, 2004

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a word used in the beatles hit song 'i am the walrus'
i am the eggman
they are the eggmen
i am the walrus
goo goo g'joob
by erik September 08, 2004

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the act of crossing the index and middle fingers and inserting them into a woman's vagina with a deep thrust.
she never called me back after i gave her the twizzler last week.
by erik October 07, 2003

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To give additional performance.
The audiance demanded a lot of Encore.
by Erik August 12, 2004

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asian sauce, made from horseraddish. usually rather spicy
yo that wassabi is hot
by erik January 30, 2005

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another word for Oxy Contin
Did you get them O.C.'s from the pharmacy last night?
by Erik November 28, 2003

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another word for pot
Your eyes are red, have you been smoking the devils cabbage???
by Erik November 28, 2003

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