66 definition by erik

1. The pipe on all of the bagpipes in the world that has the finger holes on it.

2. For the Scottish Highland bagpipes/Irish Warpipes, the chanter (or practice chanter) is used to learn the basics before taking on the full instrument.
1. The chanter on the Highland pipes sounds close to that of the Spanish Gaita.

2. One must never stop playing the practice chanter as long as they play the pipes.
by Erik August 17, 2004

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Stop acting cowardly. Ie, get some nuts.
Dude, stop acting like a pussy and grow a set!
by Erik March 03, 2004

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1) A fictional deodorant for one's butt.(from Saturday Night Live Sketch.)
2)Any Deodorant.
"Man,I stink...I need a can of Ass Don't Smell."
by Erik November 12, 2003

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To set your penis on fire, and have but sex with someone.
"Did you give your girlfriend a flaming kirby?"
by Erik November 07, 2003

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In a group of three or more walking abreast of each other, to squeeze together and force one person to walk behind.
With a narrowing sidewalk up ahead leaving only room for two, one of you must either walk on the grass or befleft Bob.
by Erik October 13, 2003

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See blowjob
That bitch actually expected me to return the favor after she gave me a half hour blinjout.
by Erik February 12, 2004

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dude or chick that bangs or gets off on appliances. typically a cockknocka
E: dude that washing machine is SEXY!
dude: ok wtvr yah fluckin applifiliac
by erik January 19, 2004

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