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A small country in Western Europe which maintains an illusion of insignificance while it is actually controlling the world through a shadow government and a international underground tunnel system which they use to control the world's supply of Clogs, Tulips, Cheese, and other farm products. One would think Cannabis to be included but it is not actually produced in the Netherlands. It's allies are BeLuxiumbourg, and the People's Republic of Canada.
The government of The Netherlands is displeased with your findings.
by Blumiru May 09, 2010
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The home of the best people to have walked on this earth, the Dutch. They speak too many languages, have too many rights and its more liberal then george bush after he had a complete change-around
-If you ain't Dutch you ain't much!
-The Netherlands baby
by Triple B nl December 30, 2005
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European country North of belgium, east of the UK and west of Germany. The people there speak Dutch. The Netherlands is also known as Holland, however Holland is just a province. The capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam.

Non-Dutch people often think that the language Dutch is German. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Dutch is NOT german for german, but Dutch for Dutch.

In Dutch:
"Ik ben Nederlands."
"I'm Dutch."

I'm Dutch, I'm from The Netherlands and I speak Dutch.
by Jafje September 03, 2007
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Country in North-West Europe which capitol is Amsterdam, inhabited by the dutch. Officially known as Nederland or "Netherland", but referred to in plural in English, French and German out of respect for it's tolerance towards the use of marijuana, prositution and gay rights.
I'm going to the Netherlands to smoke some weed and visit a clog wearing prostitute before I get married to my dyke lover in the windmill on the Tulip Dyke.
by solutions December 29, 2003
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A wonderful, magical, fairy tale place that is heaven for millions of disillusioned American teens. Everyone who lives there smokes weed, masturbates to porn in public, see-through portajohns, and has sex with everything. Oh, the Dutch. What a people. Their capital, Amsterdam, is the most liberal, corrupt, chaotic, anarchic, offensive, and orgazmically exciting place on earth. The Netherlands kick so much ass.
Damn, I can't wait to go to the Netherlands after my senior year!
by dick trickle February 25, 2005
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I'm dutch, and it's actually quite a boring country. We have a prime-minister that looks like Harry Potter and is about as exciting as the average Hollywood blockbuster.
Yes, you can smoke weed and it's rather accepted to do so, but it's not legal, only condoned. Yes, euthanasia is legal, but you may only commit euthanasia under VERY special circumstances.
Amsterdam doesn't look like the rest of the Netherlands at all. Amsterdam is so much cooler than the rest of the Netherlands
Dude 1: Hey, you're also dutch!
Dude 2: Yeah, I live in the country with more traffic problems than L.A.. It's rush hour around the clock!
Dude 1: But at least you can smoke weed while you're at it.
Dude 2: True, but the police doesn't like that.
Dude 1: I live in Amsterdam and that's the best city there is in the Netherlands!
Dude 2: Dude, that's so cool, I want to live there too!
Dude 3: Yeah me too, so I can go to the hookers and stuff!
Dude 1 & 2, in unison: YUGH! Go back to the States!
by Michiel van der Zee January 12, 2006
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