a train conducted by Ozzy Osbourne. also the name of his best song. it was turned into a gay ass rap song called "lets go" becuase lil jon and twista covered it.
mental wounds still screaming
driving me insane
im goin off the rails on the crazy train
by MetallilbangeR April 24, 2005
aight here's the break down- you seen this one bitch that's just Megan Fox material. so you ask the dj to play crazy train by ozzy. now she's in the mood. Take her anywhere with 2 to 3 of your other friends. Of course the one who set up this shit is the conductor and the rest go beer for beer for their places in the line. Each go consecutively for a solid 5 minutos. Once you've gone through the line you collect her money for her ticket- and then you run that shit again cause she bought a two way ticket bitch!! Just make sure she consented after your done.
-yo, yo, yo man. did you run crazy train last night on dat one pussy?
-yeah fucktard you was in on dat shit- the caboose remember?
-ahhh fuck me- you was the conductor mother fucker...damn, good times!
-hell yeah man- i think there might be a crazy train going from the ass to the pussy tonight cunt and you coming with!
-are you shittin me- let's ride first class fag!
by Blue Polaski October 21, 2007
Durring doggystyle sex, running the girl into a wall, then backing up and repeating.
Emily and me were fucking doggystyle last night, but I crazytrained that bitch right into the wall.
by Bell-end January 20, 2005
A hooker, or prostitute who gets paid more than $40 to sleep with seven mental institution patients at the same time
I hired a hooker to do a "crazy train" with my inmates.
by Killa1992 January 28, 2010
The act of fisting a female in her ass and cunt. If she is turned on her side the act will resemble the action of a train.
My girl kept complaining about wanting to travel so i turned her on her side and said All Aboard the Crazy Train...
by Luke and Matt from Texas June 22, 2008