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Originating from the word combination of bike path and athlete / triathlete, a PATHLETE is a cyclist who rockets down bike paths in full race gear, blowing by kids, old ladies, dogs, strollers.

The Pathlete does not actually however compete in organized activities, just a poser trying to impress the uneducated.

Massive egos and superiority complexes rule the pathletes.

Pathletes ride the newest, fastest, shiniest - but are still the slowest - in groups - which is why they always ride alone.

Should they ever enter a race, they would be crushed by other racers.
Rider 1: "That jackass just about ran over that kid! It's noon on Sunday - why is he flying down the bike path like that??"

Rider 2: "Dude, that's a pathlete."
by elbandidomaximo July 05, 2011
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The act of being physically close to a romantic partner, kissing, touching, etc., all while remaining fully clothed, AND sexually frustrated as the night never progresses past cuddling.
Friend 1: "How was your date last night? You went to her place, right?"

Friend 2: "Well, I thought I'd get lucky finally, but all I got was another cuddlejob."

Friend 1: "Blue balls for you, amigo!"
by elbandidomaximo December 10, 2009
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Clampoo is what women's body wash becomes simply by being used "down there" - to wash her delicate lady bits. Also Clampoo can be shampoo used to fluffen up the bikini area.
"Sweetie, can you hand the Clampoo and the body puff? I need to freshen up."
by elbandidomaximo January 19, 2012
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An intentionally vague Facebook status update, that prompts friends to ask what's going on, or is possibly a cry for help.
Mary is: "wondering if it is all worth it"
Mark is: "thinking that was a bad idea"

"Have you talked to Mark? He's vaguebooking again. I wonder if he's back with Mary..."


Tammy is: "in line at the grocery store"

by elbandidomaximo February 19, 2009
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A Paleo diet creation, quotatoes are any potato substitute that appear around Thanksgiving. Most likely cauliflower, boiled and blended. The name originates from when they are served - people will say potatoes - and make air quotes. May also be used by non-gluten crowd.
At Thanksgiving dinner: "Would you please pass the air quotes potatoes? I want to fix a plate for little Jayden." Others at the table: "Why did she use air quotes?" Answer: "They are quotatoes. Not real potatoes."
by elbandidomaximo July 03, 2015
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