Originating from the word combination of bike path and athlete / triathlete, a PATHLETE is a cyclist who rockets down bike paths in full race gear, blowing by kids, old ladies, dogs, strollers.

The Pathlete does not actually however compete in organized activities, just a poser trying to impress the uneducated.

Massive egos and superiority complexes rule the pathletes.

Pathletes ride the newest, fastest, shiniest - but are still the slowest - in groups - which is why they always ride alone.

Should they ever enter a race, they would be crushed by other racers.
Rider 1: "That jackass just about ran over that kid! It's noon on Sunday - why is he flying down the bike path like that??"

Rider 2: "Dude, that's a pathlete."
by elbandidomaximo July 05, 2011
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(adj) - a state in which shame motivates one to unusual feats of strength.
Girl 1: "I just walked up 14 flights of stairs to avoid riding the elevator with my ex-boyfriend."
Girl 2: "Damn girl, that's pathletic."
by therealnatedogg June 07, 2011
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Someone who is truly awful at sports. A pathetic athelete.
Marion is pathetic at any organized sport. She's such pathelete. She's pathletic.
by SpelledWithaW September 12, 2013
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A pathetic athlete. A person who has no talent for sports. a person who sucks at sports.
by flaviomatamoros August 24, 2008
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