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a person who can not take no for an answer and repeatedly follows people who he thinks he is friends with and he gets bullied.
the red red melon keeps tag tag taggin along!
by einstein January 04, 2005

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A sexy male with a very large penis/
HoZy had a three some with Twins
by Einstein February 23, 2005

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adj. Person who is looking for some chick to bang. Extremely horny and will bang some hot chick the first chance he gets.
That bootyhunter has got his mack on over there.
by Einstein March 20, 2004

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Slut, Dirty Nasty Slut, Whore, Disease Infested, Hoe Bag
Shut up you fucking Hoe Bag
by Einstein January 02, 2003

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Slang for penis and testicles.
This dude I know got his erector set caught in a Salad Shooter. Now he's missing a nut.
by Einstein April 30, 2003

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1. math god ^ inf - 1
2. Gelo
3. Portuguese translation: ice
Oleg is an inspiration to everyone.
by Einstein May 04, 2003

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A free software making company that would like to be world wide liked that isn't, see"idiot".
Johhny: I work for bieberworks
Justin: Wow!, NOT!
by Einstein March 17, 2005

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