13 definitions by Einstein

A bad application made by apple that sucks.
A way to tell if a mac user is a complete idiot
Bob: I use apple works
John: Hey Bieber, Bob uses apple works
Bieber: Yeah thats because he is a complete idiot and mac user that doesn't know that he is being ripped off by apple
by Einstein March 18, 2005
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A type of cake, orignated in Poland. Consists of f1sh stickz and behemoth shit.
Very Good.
by Einstein April 24, 2005
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1. math god ^ inf - 1
2. Gelo
3. Portuguese translation: ice
Oleg is an inspiration to everyone.
by Einstein May 04, 2003
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-A crappy computer from Macintosh(crapy anyways) that uses a small battery that can't run a small machine.
-A computer that can't run its own apple works
-Machine that locks up ONLY 4 times a day
John: I have a ibook.
Jim: I am sooooooo Sorry!
John: Thank you!
by Einstein March 17, 2005
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