Oleg is a russian name which means holy to God. Oleg is often a great person which a big dick and also best humor. This person is also often a big HUSTLA and a young boss from the street taking over the world with his talent.
"Every dude want to be like Oleg and every girl want to suck him off. "
by HOODnation$ January 6, 2017
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Despite to a large-scaled opinion name Oleg doesn't come from Russia but from Scandinavia. This name is translated as "blessed", "holy". The Second Prince of Kiev Russia Oleg the Wise also came to Russia from Scandinavia for he was a Varangian. Have no idea why, but some find it hard to pronounce Oleg
Oleg the Wise conquered Byzantine and set his shield on its gates.
by Salvator May 28, 2009
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Oleg > all
all < Oleg
by MCRIGGA 2K9 August 6, 2009
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(also known as cinnamon bun) – sweet shy boy who needs a lot of attention but he never shows it
omg look that’s Oleg! what a cutie...
by xXx_n4g1b4t0r_xXx September 28, 2020
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Oleg means "Holy".
The name originally came from the Czar Oleg, and from King Oleg XIV
The people who have this name are sacred, and are supposed to be truthful. Most olegs are born in russia, ukraine,spain,england.
So all that crap about oleg meaning "molester" is wrong!
I LOVE the name oleg
The King's name is Oleg.
by roscoe111 April 9, 2009
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His phallic heart was still beating and wodka running through his veins, when he decided leave this forsaken universe full of wrong values and people striving towards nothing.
In the day of Oleg's death the newspapers had only one sentence on the front page: The forest monstrocity finally wanked itself to death.
by BrightSky October 12, 2019
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Oleg is a Russian name that means 'sacred', 'holy', related to god
Oleg's lead guitar playing kicks ass! Prince Oleg moved the capital of Rus from Novgorod the Great to Kiev in the 10th century. Oleg Maskaev is the World Boxing Council heavyweight champion.
by otg April 17, 2007
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