A designated person whom you can rely on to rob or kill somebody; an indiviual who often carries firearms and is down to catch a body at any given time
"Dont make me call up my shooters on your goofy ass"
by Sosav3 November 9, 2015
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Name for a friend that "has your back". Another word for "blood brother" used like "niggas" or other terms of brotherhood.
Where my shooters at? I don't see my shooters, are they late?
by Doug. October 27, 2003
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A type of spirit with high alcohol content, typically 70+ proof (35%+ alcohol by volume), which is drank in "shots", typically 1-1.5 ounces.
I don't feel like beer tonight, get some shooters instead.
by Ogre December 10, 2004
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(Plural) Shooters

(Proper Noun) An alcoholic shot that is made in a martini mixer and that contains 75% mixer and 25% of selected alcohol. Typically made with Vodka, Clear Rum, Gin, or Clear Tequila. Typically mixed with assorted Juices, Sweet and Sour, Grenadine or triple sec.
- "Who's ready for some shooters?!"
by stamina123 February 6, 2010
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Sexy avatar on Second Life who has dated practically every woman over 60.
Shooter dated everyone in Second Life. What a lucky guy!
by Amaris1 January 3, 2012
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Name given to a device which is used to smoke marijuana...like a bong.
'link me dat shooter, i want to cream a phatty'
by A Dutty Bludclat November 6, 2008
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Someone who says stuff thats not true. Or overexaggerates something.
Dude: Yo i was at YD yesterday and i picked up 50 chicks
Dude 2: Ya okay buddy, your a shooter.
by _Julian_ March 22, 2007
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