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Something some guys have on their throats. It bobs up and down as they talk/swallow/eat ect..

Girls love adams apples.
Omgosh, his adam's apple is soo hott!
by Yea.. May 14, 2005
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The lump at the front of the neck, in men and some women, that is caused by the angle of the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx.

Webster's 1913 dictionary states that the term "… is so called from a notion that it was caused by the forbidden fruit, (an apple) sticking in the throat of our first parent."
"I can see your adam's apple. Sometimes I wonder who thought of calling it an "adam's apple". They must have felt really cool though when everyone started calling it that."
by ERINsistable December 3, 2006
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The tip of the penis, seen as a bulge in a woman's throat during a throatfuck.
Dude, from this angle you can see her adam's apple!
by dharck August 30, 2010
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when people sleep with their mouths open they are in danger of racoons and other small woodland animals from scurrying down into the windpipe. the creature may become dislodged by tempting them with nuts and/or other savoury snacks.
i knew i should have wore my mouth net last, my pet dog just gave me an adams apple
by fred December 3, 2003
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A bar drink involving three quarters Samuel Adams winter seasonal and 1/4 hard apple cider.

V delicious
Bartender, please make me an Adams Apple.

Wtf is that?

Allow me to explain
by ARickleintime October 29, 2017
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When a woman is sitting on someone's face; her back facing his feet, and reaches orgasm, she HAS A LOOSE BOWEL MOVEMENT on his neck...throat area.
My lady sat on my face and accidentally gave me an Adam's Apple Pie, when she came. NO MORE RED WINE AND MEXICAN FOOD ON DATE NIGHT!!!
by Chief Messy Hair March 5, 2010
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Damage to the throat, typically caused the proper application of Chopsophogus.
When properly applied, Chopsophogus can cause a bad case of Adam's Apple Sauce.
by Stachist April 29, 2011
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