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An alternative spelling of bollocks, meaning testicles and often also used as an expression of dislike, disbelief and/or ridicule.

Other alternates are: bºllºx and b*ll*x which can be typed on internet forums where language is restricted for pussies and christians. Advantages here include the kinda graphic representation in the middle of the word.

Actually, The Album Never Mind the Bollocks, here's the Sex Pistols was the at the centre of a UK court case which ruled that the word was not obscene.

Not to be confused with "The Bollox" or "The Dog's Bollox" both of which signify approval.
Person: "Bollox, bollox, bollox!"
Pig: "I'm arresting you for using threatening and/or abusive words or behaviour, contarary to the public order act."
Person: "Bollox! It's been proved in court not to be obscene."
Pig: "I don't care. It is, in my estimation, 'likely to cause offence' and that's all I need. You're nicked."
Person: "Oh, Bollox."

Person: "Mate, my brief got me off that public order charge, she's the bollox!"
Mate: "The dog's!"
by edjog November 05, 2005

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An audio or video digital sample cut so that it plays continuously without jarring. (Nobody uses analogue tape or film anymore, unless they're into masochism)

Often: "drum loop" ~ a pattern of drum hits which, when combined with a bassline, make a groove. These can be stored as an audio file or MIDI information.
Mate, that loop's fucked up. It needs to be a coupla milliseconds shorter to fit into the groove. Or make the bassline longer to fit it.
by edjog October 16, 2005

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often pronounced: 'poonanny' - vagina, or more loosely, young women.
orig. Jamaican patois
Her thong was so tight, you coudn't miss the ponana.

That nightclub was full of ponana (in fact, at least in the UK, it may have been called ponana also).
by edjog October 08, 2005

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a reference to one's actual arsehole (rather than boss/husband/teacher/etc.) used either as a mild reproof or exclamation of disbelief.
"The War Against Terror? My hole, that is."
"You're taking that with you? My hole, you are."
"She never did! My hole!"
by edjog October 08, 2005

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Pl. noun ~ Human related dirt, filth. Dead skin, food residue, stinking clothes/bedding, toe jam, nicotine stains, fag ash, shit stains, klingons, soot from traffic or fires, etc.

Not to be confused with natural dirt, soil, grass stains, etc.

Adj. ~ scuzzy = being covered in, containing, looking like, reminding one of or perpetrating scuzz.
Fucking hell, the scuzz! I've lived in cleaner squats than this place, you scuzzy bastard!
by edjog December 16, 2005

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Television or TV Set
"Turn the fucking radiation box off will you, it's doing my fucking head in!"
by edjog October 08, 2005

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1. one who engages in the act of felching.

2. a fairly mild insult, which can also be used as a term of endearment, of a similar variety to wanker. Not to be confused with:

3. A 'complete' or 'total' fudge muncher: who is a proper useless prick.
1. You could tell by the shit stains on his chin, he was a fudge muncher.

2. Coming down the caf, yer fudge muncher?

3. All the leaders of the British Conservative Party have been complete and, indeed total, fudge munchers for yonks.
by edjog October 08, 2005

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