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A waterproof torch, the beam of which can be focussed tightly or diffused, that comes in various sizes from keyring sized (single AAA battery) to large enough to kill somebody with.

Many immitators but still the best.
Can't see what you're doing? Get your maglite out.
Haven't got one? What kind of spanner are you?
by edjog December 16, 2005
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N-ew E-tymology F-or O-ld C-oncepts.
The spurious use of a new acronym which adds nothing to the understandability of a statement, often by a wanker trying to sound clever.
A: "The dinks round here don't want a rehab centre built, fucking nimbys!"
B: "Give the nefoc bullshit a rest!" or "Shut up, you nefoc twat!
by edjog October 08, 2005
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An audio or video digital sample cut so that it plays continuously without jarring. (Nobody uses analogue tape or film anymore, unless they're into masochism)

Often: "drum loop" ~ a pattern of drum hits which, when combined with a bassline, make a groove. These can be stored as an audio file or MIDI information.
Mate, that loop's fucked up. It needs to be a coupla milliseconds shorter to fit into the groove. Or make the bassline longer to fit it.
by edjog October 16, 2005
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a reference to one's actual arsehole (rather than boss/husband/teacher/etc.) used either as a mild reproof or exclamation of disbelief.
"The War Against Terror? My hole, that is."
"You're taking that with you? My hole, you are."
"She never did! My hole!"
by edjog October 08, 2005
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Television Set or Programs.
Esp. of a mind numbing sort.
e.g. soap operas/sit.coms
"Ah mate, I'm knackered! Still tense from work though... oh yeah, electric valium, just what i need to nod off!"
by edjog October 08, 2005
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Pl. noun ~ Human related dirt, filth. Dead skin, food residue, stinking clothes/bedding, toe jam, nicotine stains, fag ash, shit stains, klingons, soot from traffic or fires, etc.

Not to be confused with natural dirt, soil, grass stains, etc.

Adj. ~ scuzzy = being covered in, containing, looking like, reminding one of or perpetrating scuzz.
Fucking hell, the scuzz! I've lived in cleaner squats than this place, you scuzzy bastard!
by edjog December 16, 2005
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A viral anti-marketing campaign.

A non-libelous effort by a private individual to debunk the unrealistic claims of internet advertisers.
That free iPod stuff was really bugging me, because you get through the whole process of taking up a subsidiary offer to get one, only to then be told you have to find ten friends to take up an offer before you qualify for it. So I wrote a spamdunk about it, to try to stop others being victimised in the same way.
by edjog October 22, 2005
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