You're such a bloody spanner
by el January 7, 2005
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1. noun: someone who really fucks things up - derived from the term "spanner in the works".
Dude, if you weren't such a spanner, things'd still be alright now.
by Ryan Paine December 27, 2007
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A particularly lengthy turd which stretches from one end of the bowl to the other.
I dropped a spanner in Julie's toilet at her party, but when I flushed it bent in half and plugged the bowl how embarassing!
by FIATC January 30, 2009
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"You're such a spanner!"
by - August 4, 2002
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I call her spanner because every time she touches me, my nuts go tight
by AussieDave September 28, 2005
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1. A useless fish poker player who thinks they are the best.

2. A bad poker hand.
He went on Tilt after going all in preflop with 2 4 offsuit and losing. What an Absolute Spanner!

What were you doing going all in preflop after 2 re raises with that 2 4 offsuit Spanner hand anyway? You deserved to lose.
by Michael Falstead October 28, 2007
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a funny British fellow who enjoys chasing the ladies
~also goes by "mikey"
~"Mike SPANNER enjoys all things british and chasing after females"
by Sierra April 18, 2004
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