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Used to denote the fallaciousness of any statement/idea.

Orig. Old English, where the 'cods' referred to the cock and balls, thus codswallop was jiz, spunk, cum, semen.
Person 1. "War is a necessary evil."
Person 2. "Codswallop! You fucking idiot, have you ever actually read a book?"
by edjog November 04, 2005

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A convent dedicated to lexicography.
edjog is getting on a bit in years, thus finds considerable amusement in daft puns, like dickshunnery.
by edjog November 06, 2005

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Television Set or Programs.
Esp. of a mind numbing sort.
e.g. soap operas/sit.coms
"Ah mate, I'm knackered! Still tense from work though... oh yeah, electric valium, just what i need to nod off!"
by edjog October 08, 2005

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A waterproof torch, the beam of which can be focussed tightly or diffused, that comes in various sizes from keyring sized (single AAA battery) to large enough to kill somebody with.

Many immitators but still the best.
Can't see what you're doing? Get your maglite out.
Haven't got one? What kind of spanner are you?
by edjog December 16, 2005

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Not necessarily a full moon, but nearly - gibbous. So named because it's nice and bright so you can see what you're upto whilst doing somebody's drum at night.

Actually a pain in the arse because it makes it more likely that you would be seen clearly whilst perpetrating the crime.
Gran: Burglar's moon tonight...

drummer: Yeah Gran, but I'll take a maglite anyway, for when I get inside a place.
by edjog December 16, 2005

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1. The use of information as a weapon.

2. Countering government propaganda.

3. Undermining Advertising.
1. Many people don't wish society to continue as it is, but, having no physical weapons or a desire to use them, resort to informationism to effect change.

2. It's good informationism to keep pointing out that there were no links between the former Iraqi Dictator, Saddam Hussein and Al-Quaeda, or WMD in Iraq.

3. In a world where truth is defined by those who can afford to spend the most money to have their version of it advertised widely, we must rely on informationism to present a balanced view.
by edjog October 15, 2005

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A viral anti-marketing campaign.

A non-libelous effort by a private individual to debunk the unrealistic claims of internet advertisers.
That free iPod stuff was really bugging me, because you get through the whole process of taking up a subsidiary offer to get one, only to then be told you have to find ten friends to take up an offer before you qualify for it. So I wrote a spamdunk about it, to try to stop others being victimised in the same way.
by edjog October 22, 2005

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