Something that doesn't make sense and sounds like utter nonsense can be described as codswallop, also, in some places of devon, there are cults that use the walloping of a cod as a method of induction into their sect...
That's just utter codswallop you pillock or Is thou ready for the codswallop young initiate?!?
by ChibiGarrick September 30, 2002
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Used to denote the fallaciousness of any statement/idea.

Orig. Old English, where the 'cods' referred to the cock and balls, thus codswallop was jiz, spunk, cum, semen.
Person 1. "War is a necessary evil."
Person 2. "Codswallop! You fucking idiot, have you ever actually read a book?"
by edjog November 5, 2005
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Guy : Hey, I'm pregnant
Friend : That's just a codswallop, you're not even pregnant.
by human8892 February 4, 2018
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Often said by Hagrid in Harry Potter movies and book. The actual definition is believed to be a sack tap done by a pissed off fish after it is caught.
John: I love watching America's Funniest Home Videos, especially when someone gets Codswalloped by the pissed off fish they caught
by Suikodenfan88 August 1, 2010
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A shitty tattoo done by a scratcher tattooer made good by blagging (lying) about their credentials to the unsuspecting public, and making them believe that a) they are a real tattooer and b) that it is a good tattoo
Dude, where did you get that tattoo?
I got it at (name any crappy tattoo shop in any crappy town)
Hell, man, that ain't nothing but codswallop slop
by the britster November 23, 2011
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