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the name given to the gray and slimy mushrooms that grow in a place called Colusa; a disgusting drainage ditch where Chad R. and Brian K. used to rescue fish out of.
Chad brought me hella Subspecies Colusii from Colusa.... man! this'll kill ya!
by edeninoctober April 14, 2020
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A toxic relationship or toxicity.

Two people who used to be together but aren't because of how toxic they are for each other. Despite their decision to stay apart, they are still deeply in love with each other... which causes them to be tortured by continuing to see each other.
Him- 'sooo wanna watch me make awesome things while doing manly things shirtless and emotionally edging until the wee hours?'
Her- 'emotionally edging?! Ah! You've rebranded toxicity!'
Him- 'yeppers. And flogging used to be called discipline while anal was heresy.'
Her- 'i don't even have a meme for that.'
by edeninoctober September 29, 2022
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the really weird, not quite a dinosaur in the box of dinosaur chicken nuggets. theres no head or tail but two arms that stick out from one side.
Philina - "Eden, what kind of dinosaur is this?"
Eden - "Ummm... I think that's called a Philina-raptorsaurus. It's a new one."
by edeninoctober September 14, 2022
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probably later. maybe tomorrow, but definitely later.
'hey beans! do you want to go look for owls?'
'not right now, maybe to-later.'
by edeninoctober April 10, 2021
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This is the day to spend $50 on buying unicorns.
Eden-'Miss Philina, do you want to go buy matching unicorn slippers?'
Miss Philina-'YES! Because today is December 15th!'
by edeninoctober December 13, 2021
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