19 definitions by edeninoctober

A person who has an undeniable hatred for the world and the humans who inhabit it; but, who also have stronger motivating mission and purpose to save the world by helping to restore the humanity into those who have become lost; helping them to find themselves and giving them reasons to believe again.
You're such an angel person!
by edeninoctober May 22, 2017
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A mexican guy who is also really white but wishes he was a black guy.
Jojo is such a mexiwigger.
by edeninoctober February 22, 2021
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the name given to the gray and slimy mushrooms that grow in a place called Colusa; a disgusting drainage ditch where Chad R. and Brian K. used to rescue fish out of.
Chad brought me hella Subspecies Colusii from Colusa.... man! this'll kill ya!
by edeninoctober April 13, 2020
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