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A swamp monster from Edonia, practicing Edenism; She's Edenistic. You have to be fluent in Edenology to communicate with her... And so far, TJ is the only one who can.
oh, that's the swamp monster, Eden from the swampiest swamp of all swamps... I hate it when she swamps around here
ughhhhh!!! shes the swampiest of all the swamp monsters!
by edeninoctober August 29, 2019
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the phrase used to describe the indescribable state that magical beings sometimes have to exist in... possibly exceeding way beyond the guesstimated 60,000 thoughts a normal human brain has in one day.

comparable to someone delusional due to extreme exhaustion/ memory loss/ brain damage/ insanity... becoming too much for most to handle; they sometimes even annoy themselves.
'i can't handle you right now, you're too far in the blurry. i'm going home.'
by edeninoctober November 30, 2019
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Appropriate shoes for a 4-year-old to wear to the zoo. They have laces. Must cover your toes and are almost always pink in color. These are not sandals, work boots, rain boots or crocs.
Philina had to find zoo shoes before we left the house to go to the zoo.
by edeninoctober August 28, 2021
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