a very unique name granted to only a select few people in the world. Represents an equal amount of light and darkness which may be expressed through his or her personality.
"Hey, what's your name?"
"That's so weird and AWESOME!"
by Psychedelic123 November 23, 2014
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Chevrolet Equinox. It is a new SUV for the car company, Chevrolet. It comes in FWD or AWD. It is built on the Saturn Vue outline. It has a V6 185-Horsepower and 210-lbs of torque 3.4 SFI engine, this car has great acceleration and handling. It is the largest SUV in its class, it is a Midsize SUV at the price of a compact SUV. It is has clear taillights, making it stand out in the urban crowd.
by mark360 September 20, 2005
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A gay sex position, when both gay men have the same size of Penis.
"OMG guess what i found out last night! Thomas and I are equinox!!"
by ThomasJones01 May 20, 2016
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Equinox, the perfect SUV to purchase if you like to drive a gas guzzling pig. This vehicle has the worst fuel economy in it's class. GM must have a side deal with the gas companies.
If you have to drive 350km in you Equinox that will cost you $50.00.
by redlily January 25, 2006
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The owner of a movie review site located @ www.thequinox.com
Equinox is always right.
by Equinox April 06, 2003
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the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator, making night and day of approximately equal length all over the earth and occurring about March 21 (vernal equinox or spring equinox) and September 22 (autumnal equinox).
equinox rapes
by red_lost March 01, 2010
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The rare occurrence of a pair of testicles hanging perfectly equidistant to the ground, as opposed to their regular offset position.
Tony: Bro check out my balls! Total scrotumnal equinox!

Harold: Impressive symmetry! Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Tony: Damn straight, now open wide homie!
by Hammer of Jesus May 29, 2020
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