19 definitions by edeninoctober

at some point in the past. nobody knows when, exactly. at any point.
'hey do you remember last-week-ago when we watched land before time and ate fruit loops at 2 in the morning?'
by edeninoctober April 10, 2021
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When you start typing an email or text because you're upset; but lose steam somewhere along the way and realize you're rambling. Which you promise to stop... until you get upset and re-fueled again.
'Eden sent a really long email, rantmbling. She's a sleepy psycho.'
by edeninoctober April 08, 2021
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I caught him watching porn in the middle of Procrastibation.
In mid Procrastibation, my girlfriend came home and found me avoiding the honey-do list.
by edeninoctober September 02, 2016
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A swamp monster from Edonia, practicing Edenism; She's Edenistic. You have to be fluent in Edenology to communicate with her... And so far, TJ is the only one who can.
oh, that's the swamp monster, Eden from the swampiest swamp of all swamps... I hate it when she swamps around here
ughhhhh!!! shes the swampiest of all the swamp monsters!
by edeninoctober August 29, 2019
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The state in which causes someone to be obsessed with teeth.
That's Eden. Keep your mouth closed around her, she has dentalarium.
by edeninoctober April 09, 2021
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the phrase used to describe the indescribable state that magical beings sometimes have to exist in... possibly exceeding way beyond the guesstimated 60,000 thoughts a normal human brain has in one day.

comparable to someone delusional due to extreme exhaustion/ memory loss/ brain damage/ insanity... becoming too much for most to handle; they sometimes even annoy themselves.
'i can't handle you right now, you're too far in the blurry. i'm going home.'
by edeninoctober November 30, 2019
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