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N.- A metal band whose lead singer is a parrot.
"hatebeak is tha shit"
by dv December 07, 2004

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The holy leader of T. The person who will bring destructuin off the evil leader J. King of Spam. Pwner offf everyforum on the Earth.
Too Sume it up:

The leet waesome good guy.
Nox> No it doesn't
LT3> T>J Its true!
by DV July 15, 2004

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adj.- extreme difficulty, impossible; So difficult it is believed satan himself created it.
that test was hatebeak.
by dv December 07, 2004

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One who doesnt shave the hairs on their chin, therefore resembling a goat.
-You see that goatface killa walkin down the hall
-Yeah, that motha fucka need to find a razor.
by dv December 07, 2004

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1. the act or action of taking a shit or the shit itself. see also: dookie, poo poo (exact variation), shizat, #2, or just plain shit.
2. a general derogatory statement for a mistake or a bad action (more often used in the shorten version a "boo")
1. I gotta take a boo boo. That apple pie smells like stright boo boo! that damned cat boo booed on the carpet again!
2. Man that football play was straight boo boo!
by DV October 27, 2003

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shorthand for Chinese Girls Addicted to Retromud; quiet reticent females strangely addicted to text based online role playing games; known to ignore reality for countless consecutive hours.
Like it did for Bill Clinton, a cigar will screw you over.
by dv June 05, 2003

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