Originally from latin and meaning dark or darkness, Nox evolved into a light-extinguishing spell in the Wizarding World.
Mishief Managed. Nox.
by Miss Mimz December 21, 2016
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Nox is a beautiful brown girl with a sexy voice and great personality.
Her jokes are hilarious and everyone loves her so much.
Pineapple: Omg you see that girl over there? She's such a Nox!!
by Brown&Recluse December 17, 2021
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THE best name ever!
some acent laguege for night i think is latin.
Hi my name is Nox.
I dont know but it wold be in latin.
by Nox March 25, 2005
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The nine times equivalent to once twice and thrice
Gambler 1: That's nox times you've beaten me at cards
Gambler2 : I know you thought you'd have gotten better after nine times
by Some random stranger March 30, 2013
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An ancient race that has chosen isolation, they live on the planet P3X-774.

The Nox are pacifists, not taking sides in the conflict between the Goa'uld and anyone else. They won't help the Goa'uld, but they won't hinder them, either.
The Nox are kind of gay
by suckit November 29, 2004
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nox is an annoying bitch who dosent know when to stfu
hi im noxidgaf.
by milkymilo September 13, 2021
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A leet skeet CS player who ownz your panties.
OMFG! Its Nox. Everyone camp some random gay corner and hope to gay him blatantly!11!11!!!
by Nox March 3, 2005
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