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The boner someone gets when they pwn somebody.
Yesterday I got a pwner after pwning this noob with a no scope in Halo 3
by Hojin :P May 22, 2010
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1. someone who completely dominates other people, making them seem like nubs.

2. s0me0ne wh0 is l337 bey0nd c0mp4re.
"Damn did you see Randy's headshot on that nub? Randy is a pwner!"
by randy the pwner February 06, 2004
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Someone who owns n00bs and makes them cry with his uber computer skills.
Man im such a pwner.
by MyCoal July 11, 2005
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Pwn originated when a warcraft map creator misspelled "own" and thus pwn came into play.
Dude im pwing those orcs!
by Michael/halfamitten/mpd May 08, 2005
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(PON-ER) A person who "pwn"s others.
"I am a PWNER"
"You are a PWNER"
"He,she, they are PWNER(S)"
by YCA Chin December 05, 2006
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A boner you get from pwning too hard or too much, or FROM something that pwns too hard or too much.
Woah, dude, I just popped a pwner when I took out that n00b with a USP from 300 yards.


Elfen Lied was so awesome it gave me a pwner.
by ggnrkkthxbai September 30, 2006
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a nerdish powergasm, typically after discovering some new all-powerful combination or build.
GM- dude, a red great wyrm with all the metabreath feats and knows invisibility and greater invisibility along with all the summon monster spells!
GM- I know. I'm getting a pwner already.
by Spaz De Kat March 22, 2010
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