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a nicer way of saying fuck you. usually used when annoyed.
Retard: Pudding sucks!
Pudding lover: well screw you.
by Sarah Ca November 25, 2007
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Said either jokingly or when someone's honestly annoyed with you. Means GO THE HELL AWAY because I HATE YOU. Or, simply, eff you. Similar to WHATEVER or EFF OFF
Karm: Dude your boyfriend's effing hot.
Sue: Screw you.
by Miss AnGie January 19, 2003
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used when u want to do somthing others dont want u to do, when u want to defy, or when u need to go somwhere but people wont let u. basically means fuck you but in a less vulger way.
Dude1:u arent going out for tonight
Dude 2: screw you
by fergilicous January 15, 2007
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1) An ambiguous insubordinate sneeze.

2) An angry retort.
Boss: "I know I can count on you to get that extra work done before you go home."
Wage-slave: "Sure boss, sneeze**."
Boss: "???!"
**Screw you.

Coworker: "Man up and just do the fucking work."
Worker: "Screw you."
by frogggy August 05, 2009
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A very nice way to say mom please just leave me alone right now i am getting very annoyed
Mom: you cant drive
Son: screw you
by Memeboiiiiiiiiiiiiii August 22, 2018
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