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Right-winged Nutjob!
RWN: I hate LDhs! Haightees should also die!
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1. A bowl to drink punch out of!

2. When someone is taking a toke out of a pipe and you punch the bowl, in an attempt to bring contact between the toker's face and the burning weed! Only do this when the weed is some dirty shwag, or risk losing some nice grass.
1. Need a definition? Are you stoopid?

2. Cuno: How did you get that burn on your face?
Pita: That ass Mark punch bowl'd me yesterday, and it was MY fucking weed!
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To hinder or obstruct with thick or sticky matter; choke up.
Frank: "Man, I had some wild sex with Susy Q for 3 hours, then after a few orgasms I decided to take a leak--and god damn I got some bad split piss from all the clogging."
Paul: "You moron, everyone knows you have to sit down when you piss after ejaculation!"
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This occurs when there is clogging in the urethra due to the remaining residue of ejaculation, either from masturbation or copulation. The clogging results in your urine shooting in any direction but the direction you want it to go. Your legs, shirt, toilet seat, sink, floor, and even face will become drenched in a yellow spray.
It is always a good idea to sit on your toilet seat after ejaculation to prevent split piss.
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A popular piece of work, generally a movie, which has gained a large following. This following has most likely been around for at least a few years, except for cases of an 'instant cult classic,' in which a movie gains instant fame which remains for decades to come.
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If you weren't into it, you weren't into it. Don't give me a fucking fauxgasm.
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A defender of Haight Ashbury. See: Hippy, burnout, deviant, druggie, nonconformist, leech on society's ass (I kid, I kid).
Haighter: "Haight Ashbury should be destroyed, it's just a place for druggies, burnout hippies, and other deviants to congregate."

Haightee: "FUCK YOU, SUIT!"
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