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24 definitions by drunkenbeaverexploitationsects(FRATZ)

The alternate definition only tells half the story; this big-boned female will get a taste of the cock, but then her hunger will overtake her. She'll rip off the penis, chomp into the hip, rip off your legs and put 'em in BBQ sauce, then put the rest of you in a deep fryer.
What the HELL are you doing you hungry hippo? AUUGHH MY PENIS.... AUUGHHH MY HIPS.... AUGHH MY LEGS.... NOT THE DEEP FRYER...! AUUUUGHHHHH....
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A fun word to call fat assholes who gave their soul to a frat in hopes of friendship.
Me: "Raphael you're such a fratass!"
Raphael: "The Omega-mega-mega's accept me, who accepts you?"
Me: "Ur mom!"
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Is same as frats, but this has a z.
If you type fratz instead of frats, your cool factor will go up 1029387 points!!11
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Well L met D at the prom and they were together for years before they married, and became a unit (LD). Well LD had a baby, S. The new family, LSD, had a wonderful life of hallucinations and gobbilty gook of that bag. S grows up and gets a girlfriend, it. He decides to move over to her place, and so we're left with LD, S, and it. Well S and it get a lot of unprotected ficky ficky on and have a baby, h. This baby turns S and it's lives into just what the new name implies, 'Shit' (letters together because they had to get married and become a unit of their own, abortion and adoption and single parenthood out of the question!). After 3 months of dealing with a screaming child (she would say she has two of them) following painful childbirth, it gives up on life and kills herself. S knows he can't take care of a child on his own (in fact, he pretty much left all the 'parenting' to it while she was still alive) and decides to leave town, dumping the baby on his parental letters. What's left is LDh.
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1. To credit or assign, as to a cause or source; attribute; impute.
2. To attribute or think of as belonging, as a quality or characteristic.
I ascribed her as a sexy fox with no brains who needs to hop in my bed and play Where's Waldo?.
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1. The sound cars make as their driver repeatedly stimulates their horn, bringing the far end of the hand down in a cupped shape. The mere sound of this stimulation causes nearby drivers to stimulate their own car's pleasure center, and soon all through the air is heard moaning sounds of joy from vehicles. Sometimes this induces severe road rage, which brings about the mounting of one car onto another in doggy style position. Unfortunately, sometimes the mounting proves too rough, and the car at the receiving end may be reduced to scrap metal.
2. A sound to bellow when planting a hot carl on a sleeping victim.
1. Car 1: "Beep Beep!"
Car 2: "Beep Beep Beep!!"
Cars 3, 4, 5, 473: "BEEP BEEP BEEP etc.!!!!"
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When talking about old BnW flicks and pics and you want to spell it out, use hyphens.
It's not black and white movies, it's black-and-white!
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