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To kill oneself and your friend in a fury drunk car crash.
After I get out of the bar I don't want to take my brand new car and Dunn myself and my friend here; let's take a cab....
by drewniverse June 28, 2011

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To grab one's ankles during coitus in the missionary position, and move the legs back and forth like your riding a Nordic Track to orgasm.
"I rode Lynn like a Nordic Track last night, it was epic! I don't think she'll tell her friends about THAT ONE!"
by drewniverse March 26, 2010

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When one complains about problems on facebook -- and responds to every bit of sympathy; kind of looking a bit cheesy. Hence Facebook Cheesy. Or ---FB CHEESY---
FB Friend #1 : You know, I feel bad his grandma died and everything but he's being a little too FB Cheesy about it.

FB Friend #2: Well don't be too harsh on him, but uh yea, that is a bit FB Cheesy. :(
by drewniverse November 16, 2010

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The act of penetrating a woman as you watch an x-rated film.
She was so offended by the pornotration that she went and took a rape shower!
by drewniverse December 25, 2010

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Where dead cars go to die. AKA Junkyard.
Douche Dave : "Hey Joe, wanna go to the carmatary and get some 6 foot long semi truck exhaust pipes for your brand new black Mercedes AMG?"

Joe : "Awesome idea! While we are at the carmatary let's see if we can get some bullhorns for it as well!"
by drewniverse January 28, 2011

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Similar to a Nazi, or Nationalist Socialist. Glozi is the shorthand version of a Globalist Socialist.
His opponents accused him of being a Glozi sympathizer.
by drewniverse March 17, 2019

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When a man ejaculates in a woman -- only to let the sperm drip out into her hand and flick it back in the mans face.
Man: "Unf! I'm going to explode! RAAHAHHHHAAAAHH!!!"

Woman: "Ok baby, but don't write checks your ass can't cash! You can have a bounced check!" ***FLICK***

by drewniverse February 16, 2011

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