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Glozi is derived by the term Globalist Socialist or GlobalistSozialismus (German) It is the opposite of Nazism right wing ideology and is placed within the radical far left political spectrum. Instead of adhering to socialistic philosophy within a nation state; a glozi adheres to a global one state system with socialism as it's foundation, "New world Order". They believe in open borders, abolishment of nations and one world government. They also flag attention to the existential crisis of human activity destroying the natural environment, implying the need to be tamed with fascist or authoritarian power, so we can equally harmonize and survive by global unified planning. All freedoms would considerably be destroyed under this system. The threat of Glozism will significantly increase during the 21st century, with the affects of overpopulation, climate change and sparsity of resources.
Those Antifa or SJW's sure act like Glozi's. The bureaucrats and world banks are working in the interest of glozism.
by Criseno November 14, 2018
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Similar to a Nazi, or Nationalist Socialist. Glozi is the shorthand version of a Globalist Socialist.
His opponents accused him of being a Glozi sympathizer.
by drewniverse March 17, 2019
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