Network that mostly has crap on all the time.
NASCAR, the NHL (whenever it comes back), and Late Night with Conan O'Brien are the only 3 good things on NBC
by Canada3241 January 26, 2005
National Broadcating Company, radio (1926-1999), and TV (1939-present).
NBC was home to hit sitcoms like Cheers and Seinfeld.
by star8706 July 24, 2003
Now that Friends will soon be gone, it will be hereafter known as The Law & Order Network.
It's Sunday, so L&O will be on three times tonight after Dateline.
by LudwigVan March 6, 2004
Never Been Caught

No-Body Cares

Nothing But Crap

Nothing But Cleavage

Nico Bellic's Cool
by Dewit May 20, 2009
Abbreviation of "Now Blows Cock"

This term has been true and in effect ever since The Tonight Show With Conan O'brien got taken off the air.
Dude 1: "Hey have you heard, NBC is taking Conan off the air!"

Dude 2: "Ya I'm never watching that shitty station ever again, those executives suck balls for taking him off. He is the best."

Dude 1: "Ya, everyone know NBC stands for Now Blows Cock because of it. Fuckin assholes!
by I'm with Conan January 22, 2010
National Broadcasting Company, owned by General Electric. Known as the network for Friends, but soon will only have Law and Order and ER to survive off of.

Dateline is cool about all the restaurant sanitation stuff though. But c'mon...the Today Show loses it's charm. What's the joy of seeing people scream at a camera at 7:00 AM?

Also see democrat for a realistic viewpoint of what you see on NBC during an election.
by Kyle April 24, 2004
Back in the day, NBC was the king of network television. with hit shows like Seinfeld,Cheers,Frasier,Friends,Will & Grace,Wings,Family ties,The Cosby show,The A-Team,Magnum P.I.,Scrubs, and even My Name Is Earl. I know, some of these show aired in different periods of time. Point is, NBC had a lot of good shows.
Now,ever since they gave Conan O' Brien the Tonight Show at 12:05(not really the "tonight" show"),causing Conan to leave NBC, the network is now mediocre. At one point, it barely lead The CW for 4th place among network television.
This network is a shell of what it used to be. The only shows worth watching on it right now are The Office, Parks and Recreation,30 Rock,and Sunday Night Football. Most of these air on Thursday, so they still have an edge on Thursday night on primetime . They still have Leno and Fallon anchoring late night, so there is a little hope there.
NBC was the most watched network in America. Now, people only watch it on Thursday and Sunday.
by nbcsucks October 8, 2011