When you attempt to enter the anus doggy style and she reels herhead back with a dolphin like "en en"
"I was going for the cornhole when she denied me with the DOLPHIN"
by Dagger May 8, 2003
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Most likely the most intelligent of all animals, possibly including humans. These creatures relish in the fact that they can entertain the pitiful humans by jumping out of the water and hitting a ball with their nose. Personally I think that they're plotting a revolution.
If dolphins only had opposable thumbs, they'd rule the world.
by sean82fta August 14, 2005
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Dolphin is a big blue fish who jumps around and swims with you. they are watching television.
dolphin yesyes
by Oceanwavezz November 3, 2019
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(Tuna Can Label)
(1) This product may contain up to 5% dolphin meat as we couldn't be bothered to separate the mammals from the fish. (2) There is no justidiction governing the meat on inadvertently caught dolphins so just suck it bitches. (3) Also

this product may contain 7mg of mercury which is about 20% the RDA of heavy metal intake.
by Tenacious Faulker May 9, 2009
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Man 1 : "Hey, man, did you see that dolphin, it was so awesome!!"

Man 2: 'You queer."
by gleeksftw February 11, 2011
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an underwater sea mammal that rapes people.
dolphins are scarier than sharks.
by lauren_can January 15, 2008
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