Laid-back demurral, with overtones of not taking the original statement too seriously.
Statement: Hey, do you think Drew Carey is talented?
Response: Naw, man. Naw.
by Minstrel March 5, 2003
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Can simply mean no.
Also can be used sarcastically.
"Hey I think you've done the wrong equation"
"No, look...wait, you're right.."
"Well NAW!"
by is secret November 9, 2007
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slang for no
gangsta 1: ay nigga, would you fuck dat fat bitch ova dere?

gangsta 2: naw homie she too fat. she might kill me if she get on top.
by I Got Swagger January 10, 2009
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"ayye shawty lemme holla at you"

" naw, im good"
by foodincloset August 21, 2016
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