noun - primary one

FreeBSD is one of several Unix-like operating systems stemming from the BSD4.4-lite release of the Berkeley Software Distributions.

FreeBSD is the most popular of the BSDs and is focused largely on the ix86 platform.

FreeBSD currently has two main development branches; 4.9 and 5.2. The first is stable and ready for use in servers. The second is a development branch that will see better SMP support.

The FreeBSD mascot is one that is shared by all BSDs, the beastie. Falsely called Chuck or Charlie by some this daemon is a smiling fellow in large sneakers that has undergone relatively few alterations over the past two decades and has been used on hats, boxer shorts, shirts, jackets, stickers and has been used on a series of pewter and copper statues.

FreeBSD has spawned two prominent derived operating systems; Darwin, the Unix-like underpinings of Mac OS X and DragonflyBSD, a contiuation of the 4.x codebase seeking to completely rewrite the way the operating system uses multiple processors.

noun - primary two

The FreeBSD Project, the organisation that manages the development of the FreeBSD operating system.
The FreeBSD Project has a close working relationship with Apple Computers Inc, they share bug fixes when dealing with the same codebase.
by Nate January 31, 2004
A "free" variant of BSD released in 1993, which is forked from 4.4BSD-Lite, it is the most popular BSD out of all the BSDs. FreeBSD was one of the two BSDs that split off from 386BSD, the other one being NetBSD. some companies use FreeBSD along with other BSDs as a base for their system software due the appeal of the BSD license, the BSD license doesn't force you to release the source code of your modified version of BSD, whereas Linux is licensed under the GNU GPLv2 license, which would require these corporations to release the source code of their modified version of Linux.

What most Linux users fear. the ones that fear it are usually between the 12-26 age group, and they have only been using Linux since 2018 or later, and feel like they are totally different people because they use a different OS, and look down at people who don't use Linux, and areń't serious Linux users. Unfortunately most of these Linux users never make it past the installer, or they run into issues with Xorg due to nVidia while trying to install a Desktop Environment, or they're straight up inmature and say '"FREEBSD SUX LOL XDDDDD" without even trying FreeBSD, or maybe their 1000$ 4K UHD Webcam for Minecraft: M$ Edition doesn't have BSD drivers.
Person 1: FreeBSD is-
Linux user: FreeBSD is bad 'cause it doesn't have a GUI Installer! *cries*
FreeBSD user: Then try GhostBSD you twat! Have you ever used the Terminal or did Ubuntu baby you so much that you have never touched it?
by AverageMinecraftNoLifer February 27, 2022
adj. - The god of Freedom.

syn/a-rc. - Live Free or Die.

I FreeBSDized nine of our Linux servers and our IT business is suddenly stabilized.
by hc May 3, 2003
Something that has Microsoft very scared. A high-quality free unix variant based on the original Berkeley (BSD 4.4-lite) sources.
FreeBSD is going to destroy Microsoft, because nobody wants to pay out the a$$ to run Window$.
by mung kie May 21, 2003
FreeBSD = Free + Berkeley Software Development.
Most popular UNIX release the world has ever seen.

(common) FreeBSD pwns ur A$$
I love FreeBSD.
by Rr November 8, 2002
FreeBSD is a stable, well designed, fast POSIX operating system. It has a well organised group of experienced core developers. As a result it is far more reliable than Linux, whose architecture is vastly inferior.
Linux sucks; use FreeBSD instead :-)
by markcollinsx November 12, 2003