You get burnt because you're too cool to wear sun lotion, then they go inside like woah im burnt holy shit
BOB: hey look ive got a suntan

ROB: you idiot you're burnt

BOB: next time ill use sun lotion
by tee-pot April 16, 2014
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When a person doesn't go outside for an excessive period of time, normally sitting in their basement and playing video games or watching TV, and they turn white for lack of sun.
Yeah I know, I've been playing World of Warcraft all month and I got the asian suntan!
by Billy Feeney (Add me on FB) February 23, 2011
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A suntan only covering face and lower arms due to the fact you cannot go without a shirt in the city. Can also be used for people who only use fake suntan with visibel white lines on ex. the neck.
Check out Marias urban suntan, she totally need to spend more time on the beach.
by aronsson September 17, 2008
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When the lips (labia majora) of a woman's vagina are exposed for all to see.
The woman's legs were open so far I think she was going for a pastrami suntan.
by charles11211 June 17, 2009
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When two people are having buttsex, the man on top pulls out right before cumming and instead runs his penis all over the other persons unfortunate back, leaving a trail of shit and semen. He then proceeds to rub it all in, leaving their backside an unfortunately darker shade.
Phil: Dude, have you seen Chad Warden? Is he mexican or something?

Dave: Oh no dude, he just had a few Texas Suntans.

Phil: Huh, I thought I smelled cum and shit when he walked by.
by BlackCaddyDan December 20, 2009
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The absolute worst kind of sunburn, caused by falling asleep or working outside without sunblock. Or, if you happen to have Irish heritage, what you get from spending more than 15 minutes out of doors with exposed skin. Symptoms include bright red skin, itching, swelling, burning, intense pain, peeling, developed fear of sunlight in any form, habitual sunblock or Aloe Vera application, walking like a retard, lying in strange positions, and setting fire to anything within 20 feet. may also cause one to be slapped with an unnatural fury.
Guy 1: Patrick fell asleep on the beach. He has an Irish Suntan.

Guy 2: I'll get the plywood strips.
by impslayer August 13, 2010
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When you take out your penis and ejaculate onto a freshly sunburnt back.
by Snatchmadeinheaven August 18, 2017
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