specifications; used to describe the details of a particular kind of machinary, building, or other item with precise information that differs from others in its area, often the hardware and software of a pc, like the processor, RAM, and os operating system.
"I need computer help."
Q: What are your specs?
A: p4 3GHZ, 1GB ram, winxp.
by runandwin July 1, 2005
Abbreviation of 'spectacles' - a pair of eyeglasses.
Where did I leave my specs? I want to peruse the latest edition of Club.
by Dan Fox August 4, 2003
The physical attributes of an individual which contribute to their sex appeal.
Bob: Man, that chick is hot!
Alice: With those specs, I'd have every man in this town pitching a tent, and I don't mean the portable shelter which is stretched over a supporting framework of poles with ropes and pegs.
by blinkybill December 4, 2005
An umbrella term that refers to the Aromantic Spectrum and the Asexual Spectrum. One does not need to be on both spectrums to be a part of the A-spec Community.
Cody is Demi-sexual and I'm aromantic so we are both A-spec.
by Pinkstache February 19, 2019
Specification. (abbreviation, usually technical)
software spec
technical spec
product spec
high-level spec
detailed spec
by vanilla g-lotto December 20, 2004
When someone agrees to work on a project knowing that if said project isn't bought by the client, they won't be paid. This term is often used by people that work in advertising, marketing and other creative fields. This can sometimes be confused for doing work for exposure.
So you want me to do this project on spec? Screw you pal. I need to get paid.
by Maniac in a Speedo February 7, 2018