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1. Club music style songs played on radio stations.

2. Songs with no clear rhythm nor beat played on radio stations thinking since it's popular in clubs, it "SHOULD" be popular outside the clubs
God, what sort of club music is this radio station playing.
by dmccowan May 05, 2008
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calling or sitting out sick from work, after parting or drinking "Way" too much.
Steve got so wasted last night, he pulled a drunk out
by dmccowan February 24, 2008
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People who're so "Highly" sensitive to fowl language, they don't wish "Anyone" about them using it.
(Advanced virgin ears)
Duane Roper at Sears is an ear virgin.
by dmccowan August 09, 2008
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seriously fucked and broken
Damn, where I work has gotten to be sf&b, why they can't can several of the managers, I don't know.
by dmccowan June 13, 2009
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Cover one's ass-a note or anything done to keep one from getting their ass chewed out for known/unknown things.
Glad I left that C1A, so that bitch of a manager didn't ream me for that stock I wasn't able to put out.
by dmccowan March 01, 2008
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leaving a "large" dump someplace worthy of non-flushing.
(preferably "not" at one's own place)
Ha Ha. I left a prize winner at KFC just an hour ago.
by dmccowan August 12, 2008
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brainwashing through money, in hopes of causing people to forget past sins.
China must have done a lot of bribewashing in order to get the Olympics after what happened at Tiananmen Square in 1989, along with their Human Rights abuses.
by dmccowan April 28, 2008
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