one who "spoons" (lay very close together, the way spoons do in a drawer) another of the same sex
by ohlo July 10, 2005
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A girl who lies next to a boy very closely, like two spoons. Usually on a bed accompanied by kissing.
Katie is such a spooner.
by Kituhn March 7, 2007
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follower of the movement created by spoonkid, the rust youtuber
by ChadSh1tOnly February 5, 2022
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The winner of the wooden spoon for coming last in a competition
Alan came last in the bowling contest. He's the new spooner.
by Madrob September 9, 2011
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a particular species of people living mostly in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. Spooners typically wear white three-quarter pants and have their hair fashioned in a silver coloured bob style. their children generally go to private schools and they support the Adelaide Crows. Their attitude is typically presumptuous and judgmental.
nice spooner haircut
by asdfghjkl20111964 May 3, 2011
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A white boy with freckles, brown hair, and a huge dick.
Hey Emily i banged a guy last night and he was a spooner.
by lockoforcake March 4, 2010
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Mild term used for a foolish or silly person. I have only ever heard this used in Devon, England. Hardly urban...
You dropped it in the sink? You total spooner!
by l42emmings August 11, 2005
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