Awesome soft drink with a light vanilla flavor. Often distributed by well known root beer companies for some reason.
IBC cream soda is the best.
by combat_rock May 17, 2004
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nectar of the gods. a sweet, creamy, vanilla flavored soda that goes well with cheese cake or by itself.
try this 'caribbean cream soda' stuff. it's like drinking God.
by dagger_grrl September 14, 2004
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when 3 or more men ejaculate into a glass (at least 1 man must be black) -- carbonation and water is then added to the semen. 1 part water for every 3 loads of splooge. the drink is then given to the first woman spotted at the downtown bus stop.
trey and his two white friends gave the one toothed bitch at the bus stop a cream soda.
by jaykorn September 10, 2012
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1. Dying one's hair red with koolaid.
preferably red.
dude, that chick looks like she just had some cream soda *wink wink*
by applejackcherry January 21, 2009
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The best stuff you will ever taste. Its like heroin in a bottle, just without the side-effects of heroin. If it were a female person I would marry it and then divorce it just so I could marry it again.
When the guy arrived to the party with cream soda, everyone loved him and they loved the soda even more.
by agwoagbsgrthboefac June 2, 2010
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The mimxture of a woman's vaginal juices and a man's seamen.
She wanted me to taste my cum or she would stop giving me blow jobs, so I went down on her after ejaculating inside her and tasted the cream soda.
by BRD October 10, 2004
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