A party involving many or one keg. Either can be a party with admission (everyone pays per cup or at the door for a bracelet) or a free party put on my a host who buys it
that keg party was awesome, too bad it was $10 to get in
by wegener March 06, 2007
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the coolest party held by the coolest guy in the whole wide world, Nikita.
-Yo, u going to that keg party on Friday?
-For shizzle
by Nickkkk April 01, 2006
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A party in which ketamine, ecstasy and GHB, K-E-G, are available instead of alcohol. The term is used in conversation around those not in the know about what kind of party you are really talking about.
"I'm gonna get goofed up, roofed up and drop inside a dark black hole at the KEG party!"

"I'm glad I brought my sunglasses to the KEG party."
by Belgium March 02, 2007
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A party, which usually takes place in the woods on a large hill. It's a hell of a party, but at least one dumbass gets seriously injured.
Me: I wanna fuck this keg cause it's made of metal..

Sam: Did you just say that??

Me: People let me tell you bout my new best friend Barnaby Jones! -falls off the hill and gets fucked up-

Sam: It's official.. this is a backwoods keg party..
by That_Toast_Swag June 04, 2011
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state of euphoria created mainly by alcohol but influenced directly by people,drugs,and lack of thought.
whats goin on tonight?
i heard there was a big shiny barrel hypnotizing our friends

keg party mentality
by projectpat.com August 25, 2008
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An situation which is generally in MMO/RPG's where the gameplay is based on the consumption of Health/Mana/Status of your Choice potions or the players find themselves with an excess collection of potions to the point where they could hold a Keg Party, invite all their mates and imitate a Beer Keg Party.
"I got so many Health Potions left over we could throw a Potion Keg Party, invite our entire guild and get wasted!"
by Ollie_Miles January 28, 2009
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