Slang for drug Seconal- a barbiturate.
He was desperate to score some Red Devils.
by Christian Emde November 28, 2007
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slang for cough syrup pills; used by underaged idiots that wanna get high but either can't get the money for something else or can't get a car to get them to a dealer
let's take way too many red devils and get high
by estelle May 3, 2004
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1. The name of the Belgian national football (soccer) team.
2. The name of the South-Korean national squad
3. Manchester United
1. The Red Devils have won their match against The Netherlands!
2. The Red Devils have qualified themselfs for the world cup
3. The Red Devils became vice-champion of England
by Tim Cavalera July 13, 2006
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Girl 1: Why did you eat that whole carton of ice cream?
Girl 2: The Red Devil.
Girl 1: oh...
by JackMayJay November 5, 2013
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Its one of the world record holding laptops for highest overclock on the Intel Core I7 8750H

Red Devil is known for blowing up
"what's that burning smell?"
"Don't worry, it's just Red Devil."
by NovaTheUnoriginal December 11, 2019
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Fans of the National Korean Soccer Team.
Damn! Did you see all that red in the stadium. Those Red Devils are some crazy fucking fans. DAE HAN MIN GOOK!
by Alby June 19, 2006
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