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To explain in a condescending, oversimplified, and often inaccurate manner, without regard to the fact that the explainee knows more than the explainer, usually done by a man to a woman.

Not all condescending explanations are mansplaining; the term does not apply when the man in question is indeed more knowledgeable about the topic than the woman.

Mansplaining usually occurs on the topic of sexism, feminism, or gender inequality, but not always. For example, a male programmer could mansplain coding to a woman, despite the woman having more qualifications and writing better-quality code.

Related terms include whitesplain, straightsplain, and cisplain. The overarching thread is someone privileged explaining something to someone less privileged, about a topic the explainer knows less about.
A: “Stop mansplaining. You have no idea what it feels like to be subjected to sexism.”
B: “Feminists are ridiculous! Mansplaining is when a man’s point is discredited just because he’s male, not because he’s wrong!”
A: “What the hell, did you just mansplain mansplaining to me?”
by cutesy pastel living doll June 01, 2020
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Just what it sounds like...cheap, fast, and easy
Don't settle for a McDonald's girl.
by cutesy pastel living doll March 06, 2014
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Unlike an actual loner, a mental loner has friends to hang out with, but thinks that all his/her friends are worthless idiots and feel alone.
This girl is a stereotypical weeaboo, and while she hangs out with friends, none of them ever watched a single anime, so she considers herself a mental loner.
by cutesy pastel living doll April 14, 2014
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Using a phallic (dick) joke in an intelligent discussion. (Not to be confused with: logical fallacy)
Our debate group had a pretty solid point, up until the point Robert committed a logical phallacy and our whole argument went to waste.
by cutesy pastel living doll July 04, 2014
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n. a visual inspection; look
"To take a look-see" means to check something out.

This term, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, entered the English language via Chinese Pidgin English, from a direct translation of "看見", each letter translating to "look" and "see". It is agreed by etymologists that "long time no see", "no pain no gain", "can do / no can do" have the same origin.

(Commonly misspelled as "looksie".)
"I think there's something wrong with my computer. Can you take a look-see?"
by cutesy pastel living doll January 01, 2016
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The correct spelling is "look-see".

To take a look-see means to check something out or to look at something.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this term comes from Chinese "看見", each letter loosely translating to "look" and "see", and entered English via Chinese Pidgin English.
Other words and phrases with the same source include
"long time no see" (很久不見 very long-time not see)
"chop chop" meaning "hurry up!" (速速 hurry hurry).
Incorrect: "I'll take a looksie."
Correct: "I'll take a look-see."
by cutesy pastel living doll January 01, 2016
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(v.) to pick up something from a lost-and-found that isn't yours to use. Return optional.
I forgot my eraser, so I lost-and-adopted one.
by cutesy pastel living doll June 11, 2014
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