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Language whose meaning is obscured by use or overuse of vague phrasing, complicated sentence structures, and jargon. Used mainly by politicians to squiggle out of a tough situation. A portmanteau of camouflage and language.
But that's camouflanguage you're using. What does that all mean?! What are you trying to say?!
by cutesy pastel living doll August 20, 2017
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Also written kapeesh and capeesh, the interjection "Capisci?" means "Understood?" in Italian. The final I is either weak or dropped, more so in the Southern Italian dialects, such as Neapolitan.
You touch my cake, you're DEAD, capisci?
by cutesy pastel living doll July 10, 2013
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how idiots saydonor
For $5 tier donators or above, here are the rewards...
by cutesy pastel living doll June 21, 2019
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An acronym telling somebody to Google something.
It is originally short for "Google Is Your Friend", but also has evolved to mean "Google It Yourself, Fucker" or "Google It, You Faggot".
Which version you take it as is entirely up to you.

Also see RTFM, UTSL, STFW and JFGI.
"How many pounds is 57 kilograms?"
by cutesy pastel living doll March 17, 2013
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An interjection used when something bad happened as a result of something you did, but you feel satisfied despite said result.
"I just pulled a huge prank on my professor. I ended up suspended, but worth it."
by cutesy pastel living doll December 22, 2013
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Egg theory is the belief that says all femboys and tomboys are transgender. Egg theorists either don't believe in the existence of cis femboys and tomboys, or believe that their gender non-conformity is transphobic, completely unaware of the irony of them policing their gender based on their AGAB. When an egg theorist sees a femboy or tomboy, they try to "crack their egg", which is code for "gaslight and harass them into transitioning to the opposite gender".
Egg theorist: "Astolfo is a trans girl!"
a sane person: "Egg theory solidifies gender binarist stereotypes. Stop supporting egg theory."
by cutesy pastel living doll August 5, 2023
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A tongue-in-cheek nickname for the video game series Guitar Hero and Rock Band, as well as other related or similar games where you use a guitar-shaped controller (“plastic guitar”), such as Clone Hero or GuitarFreaks.
“we’ve reached the pinnacle of plastic guitar game mastery” (on a video of a 5-second meme chart on Clone Hero)
by cutesy pastel living doll April 20, 2021
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