A southern U.S. term for a shopping cart used at a grocery store.
How do I always pick the buggy with the fucked up wheels?
by Magnus von Slaughterhausen February 26, 2010
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An item, typically a computer program, with numerous errors that may prevent or hinder a part of said program.
The program crashes whenever I close it: it must be buggy.
by Varsity September 7, 2004
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otherwise known as a shopping cart; used at the grocery store to place food and other items for purchase
"Scooo me? Escoooo me? Please move your mofo buggy so I can put my food down."
by Frederick October 31, 2004
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adj. - Something that is annoying, obnoxious, frustrating, or irritating to an alarming degree; most effectively used simply as an exclamation.
- "Steve Irwin was killed by a sting ray."
- "Buggy!"
by Kacky September 19, 2006
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as a noun, a term of endearment for a friend; or as an adj., used to denote affection or interest in a person
Good morning buggy, it's good to see you again. Or, Hi, (insert name here), you're my favorite buggy-bunny.
by Mr. Class March 21, 2008
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in software, a program that has a bug
this new driver is buggy!
by m4 May 26, 2005
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1. an old worn out car

2. a shopping cart

3. flawed (said of computer programs)

4. crazy
An overturned buggy filled with stolen goods was found along the river.
by The Return of Light Joker January 18, 2009
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